Friday, 20 January 2012

pagan blog project #3 Birds

Pagan blog project 3

I’ve always been fascinated by birds and I feel a strong link to them, so when I started looking into the mythology and symbolism of them the information I found out didn’t correspond with the way I feel about them.

So I thought I’d share how I feel about a few birds.

Blackbird: a brave and hardworking bird, I’m moved by the way if a predator is after it’s young in the nest they sing very loudly to distract the predator away from they nest. And they sing so sweetly. They visit my garden early morning or early evening.

Robin: always a good sign, I feel lucky if I see a robin I know I’m going to have a good day. A friendly and cheerful bird with a lovely voice, I always smile if I see a robin.

Crane: I feel there is something sad about cranes, they stand like statues for what seems like hours, they are like silent watchers, I feel they observe everything.

Owl: a mysterious bird, I had the privilege of seeing one up close last year, driving down an unlit country road an owl flew down and practically landed on the bonnet of my car, for a few seconds we stared at each other, It’s such a stunning, beautiful, handsome creature I just know it’s full of magic.

Magpie: i have magpies nesting a few doors down from me, they are always in my garden, a clever and cheeky bird always up to mischief always in pairs too, I have to salute them whenever they fly over – an old superstition – I salute a lot!

Crow: my favourite bird, I love the way they all live together, young and old a proper family. I also love the way they walk, they sort of strut – it shows there attitude. I worry if I don’t see crows but I don’t have to worry I see them often, they fly over me as I’m driving or they sit on the fence and watch as I look out of my windows. I forgive them for stealing my bracelet as I got it back a year later!

Seagull: I’m not a fan of seagulls, leaving near the sea they tend to terrorise you if you want to eat on the beach. They tried to mug me once when I bought donuts on Brighton pier. And they are huge! They also make an awful noise all night in the summer. They are graceful though and it’s nice watching the sun set at the beach and watching the seagulls fly elegantly across the sky and water.

Swan: a truly beautiful bird, full of grace but up close they are mean! On a canal holiday I had to walk up to a lock gate but a swan hissed and started chasing me – I had to get my hubby for backup they also learnt to tap on the window of the boat asking for food I didn’t dare ignore them!

This is how I relate to the birds I see in my neighbourhood,

Friday, 13 January 2012

A is for Altar #pagan blog post 2

A is for Altar

I’ve always loved altars, even back in the old days as an altar server at a Cof E church when I was about 12, I liked the ritual of lighting the candles – from right to left always biggest pairs of candles first going down in size, and setting up the chalice with the cloth and the tray on top all in the right order, I was always honoured to have to do this job, it helped that my brother was the head server he would always let me do it. It was the best part of going to church for me well that and the fellowship side, I liked the reverence and the way it made me feel, it would ‘set me up’ so I was ready for worship. I’ve set up several altars but they’ve never had the same ‘feel’ as the ones at the church, part of it I think is (only just thought of this as I’m writing) I enjoy setting them up, the thought and process of it, the altars I’ve set up (I can only find one old photo of a yule altar) are usually in my bedroom and it’s never felt right, I suppose it hasn’t helped that I’ve had to hide away all my pagan belongings in the past for various reasons which luckily I don’t have to do anymore.

My Yule altar.

Now I set up altars as I’m going to work but I do have a seasonal altar in the form of a tree. I change it with the seasons and festivals.

This one was for Imbolc, with white and pale blue ribbons

Well with the eggs on I think you can guess when this one was for. (the crow was a present from my lovely hubby at Samhain a few years back it’s so lovely I can’t take it off!)

Last years Samhain tree, it’s a pretty rubbish photo, I must try to learn to take better photos.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

new year, new project

It’s one of my new year resolutions to blog about my spiritual journey, so inspired by Rowans (onewitchesway) #paganblogproject this will be my blog.