Friday, 16 March 2012

Four – is a magic number?

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I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post so forgive me if I ramble a bit!

I work with the four elements having done some in depth study with them and I feel I’m quite comfortable and not saying I know everything but I know enough that I can work with them.

I’ve recently been working with the four phases of the sun being dawn, midday, twilight, midnight I’ve enjoyed the different energies and experiences I’ve had and I try to work or at least acknowledge the different times of the day everyday, however small a gesture it is on my part sometime just shutting my eyes under the midday sun and thinking about the sun right over head as it makes it’s journey across the sky.

I’ve recently heard an article (on an old OBOD podcast – sorry don’t remember which one but it was an old one) about the four phases of the moon and the corresponding archetypes that go with that being maiden, mother, wise women, crone, now I’m familiar with the maiden, mother, crone aspect as most are – it’s basic wicca, pagan 101 isn’t it? )0(. But this new wise woman part got me thinking, I suppose I’d always put wise woman and crone together but the more I though about it the more I realised that they are different parts and then I thought about the phases of the moon and realised the need for 4 parts being new, full, waning, dark – praps you have other ideas about this but this is how I see it.  Thinking about the four moon archetypes (I call them that not really knowing if that’s the right name for it – but you know what I mean) got me thinking are there equivalent sun archetypes? Are they necessary? I’m feeling that they are but I’m not sure what they would be – boy, man, hunter, mystic? – that set sort of mimics the moon ones following the life of a man (or possible life or attributes) but strait away I’m thinking that a hunter wouldn’t really go out at twilight – would they? I’m not sure, and I’m pretty sure father is an important archetype so praps boy, hunter, father, mystic? I’ll have to think about that.   I’ve looked about online and not found anything that corresponds with this although I did find list of male archetypes with things like prince and king and knight but that didn’t really feel right to me. Looks like i've got to keep thinking about this!

I’m sure there are loads more ‘fours’ out there – answers on a postcard!

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  1. I like the boy, hunter, father, mystic pattern. I've never really thought about the cycles of four before, this post has got me thinking - thank you.